Roald van Dillewijn

Roald van Dillewijn

Department: , ,

Position: Composer, Performer, Software Developer, Sound Artist

Qualification: B.A. in Audio Design, M.A. in Design for Digital Cultures



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Roald (NL) is a sonic designer, software designer for music, composer and performer from The Netherlands. Currently he is studying sound art at the art, media and technology department of the Utrecht School of the Arts in Hilversum. This summer he hopes to graduate as BMus and MA in sound art. As bass guitar player in a post-rock band the interest in weird sounds and sound effects keeps him busy for days. These days became longer and longer with the formation of the noise/drone improvisation band Puin+Hoop. This fascination of sound and ultimate control on these sounds led him eventually to his current projects. His current focus is on an art installation which will be controllable to create a sound-piece, that will be performed on several stages in 2013.