A selection up front:

Who are you guys?

The answer should be right here. If you require a less “generic” answer; we are sound/audio related people who worked together at one point or another in life and realized that it was something to be shared / promoted and further developed. We are also friends.

How many of you are there?

Right now not a lot. But we are expanding and more & more like-minded people are joining us. You can expect tens, even hundreds, in the coming years, a world wide invasion! Who knows…

So basically you are just an agency?

No. We understand why you might think of it as such though. It’s true that in a sense we act like one; being able to find the right people for a project and all. But that’s only one function, and we think there is so much more to Soundlings as a collective.

What do you do exactly?

Have you checked our activities yet? If not please do so. We have so many plans and ambitions it’s kinda hard to wrap it up in one sentence. If still not satisfied, ask another question and be more specific please.

I make music, can I join?

You can. Or you can not. Having an interest in music (or sound),  is not enough for us to say “yes”. We are looking for people who are dedicated, hardworking, active and open for collaboration / sharing. If you think you are one of them, please do send us an email! Once we get to know you better we would love to welcome you arms wide open.

I already do these stuff, why would I bother joining you?

We were doing these stuff already as well, long before Soundlings came to be. Why did we bother?
Cos we realized that we are stronger when we are together. Cos “all those things we were already doing” are “visible” now. And now every each one of us is striving to be more visible as well. Now it’s also easier to share ideas, find support, take on projects, create opportunities and give back to others. Then again it’s not for everyone, hence we are not forcing it. If you think you are much better soloing, by all means focus on that.

I'm not based in the Netherlands, can I still join?

Sure! The only reason we have people based in Netherlands right now is because most of us happen to be living there. The future plan is to expand as a collective and honor the “internationalism” properly. We weren’t joking when we said “world wide invasion”. ha!

Where are you based actually?

We are not factually based in anywhere. See the above answer?

I have a project in my mind and I might want to work with you guys, what now?

Sweet! Why not just send us an email or contact us via the website? We’ll be happy to see what you have on mind!

Who is the contact person?

Currently it would be Pinar. If it changes we’ll let you know for sure.

Soundlings? Really?

Yes, really. =)