Christian Studach

Christian Studach

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Position: Sound Designer, Electronic Music Producer

Qualification: Certificate of Apprenticeship in Multimedia Electronics, M.A. in Sound Design



Christian Studach is sound artist with background in electronic music. He has released and performed his music worldwide for several years, especially within the micromusic community network. Stu specialized on working with limitations provided by a given medium. (For instance using 8-bit technology.) Steadily experimenting, not only with the music, but also its related technologies, he develops his own workshop modules based on that experience. Apart from his main instrument, the Atari ST, he uses various hardware synthesizers as well as Renoise, Ableton Live and Pro Tools on the software side. More recently, he cooperated with acoustic instrumentalists and focused on the implementation and combination of the different aspects of sound generation into projects. Apart from his musical activity, Stu has worked for many years as an electronic technician were he repaired and modified hardware for customers, as well as his own artistic purpose.