Dianne Verdonk

Dianne Verdonk

Department: , ,

Position: Musician, Performer, Composer

Qualification: MA in Creative Design for Digital Cultures (Composition in Context), BA in Music Production & Performance

Email: dianne.verdonk@soundlings.com

Blog: http://dianneverdonk.wordpress.com/

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Dianne Verdonk is a performer and a composer who is greatly inspired by electro acoustic music. Operating within different contexts, she is an experienced double bass and celloplayer, often using improvisation as a tool while creating.

Within the last months, she investigated combinations of various kinds of hardware and software to create an electronic instrument. The requirements for this instrument focus on the capability to be able to both compose and perform fluently within the context of an electro­acoustic ensemble. La Diantenne is the prototype of this tool, which with she creates experimental pop songs.