About Us

We are the Soundlings, a growing circle of international creatives working with sound. Among us you will find people who are; researchers, educators, engineers, producers, software developers, composers, performers, designers, artists and what not. You are welcome to ask being a part of us. You are also welcome to pitch your project / ideas so we can work with you!

If you are interested here is the little story of how it all started and if you prefer a serious tone, here is our manifesto.

In early 2009 or so, a tiny spark of an idea fell onto Pinar’s mind. That idea was so raw and so fragile it was impossible to articulate at the time, so she didn’t dare to. A couple of years later as she was speculating (yet again) about her future plans she realized that, over and over again she was coming back to that one single word: “collaboration”. Within that beautiful yet seemingly endless solitude of the DIY culture it almost took a little miracle to get it really working. Why was it so hard to Do It Together? At first she took that personally, was she missing / lacking something? The answer could have been a single, harsh yes, but then she realized, that this whole “networked” society was serving as nothing but an orthodox extension of a comfort zone built by the old blood. Did you just arrive? Good luck getting “there”.

It seemed that, very few people bothered to move a finger unless the benefit was “immediate”. In return very few new faces managed to break the leg in the scene, where ever it may be. How difficult it was at times, yet how precious it could be, to find your creative buddies… Those minds that you can genuinely ”click” with… Those people who challenge you, help you grow and grow with you.

At a time when she was trying to get her feet on the ground, she kept slowly, and we mean very slowly, working on her idea with her friends. Nina being the first, Massimo and Tijs coming right after, people started to follow. The more she talked about being a young creative in her field, being an international as well maybe, having the “taste” but maybe not the experience yet, having the skills but maybe not the “network” yet, having the network but maybe not the “money” yet… People seemed to recognize the stories, at one point or another they were “touched” by the very same things. So along with her equally passionate colleagues she set the ball rolling.

Now what you see here is the very beginning of an optimistic and ambitious journey. Soundlings, as it grows, wants to be a tangible platform, a circle of minds who share a similar vision towards creation. It will promote the artistic / professional empowerment of the individual by initiating projects, taking in projects, generating opportunities. It will actively confront its community by organizing showcases & discussion events. In time it will grow and to grow it will be reaching out, searching and connecting with the like-minded, like-hearted creatives and will make sure that all efforts are heard equally!