About Us

We are the Soundlings, a growing circle of international creatives working with sound. Among us you will find people who are; researchers, educators, engineers, producers, software developers, composers, performers, designers, artists and what not.

What you see here is the very beginning of an optimistic and ambitious journey. Soundlings, as it grows, wants to be a tangible platform, a circle of minds who share a similar vision towards creation. It will promote the artistic / professional empowerment of the individual by initiating projects, taking in projects, generating opportunities. It will actively confront its community by organizing showcases & discussion events. In time it will grow and to grow it will be reaching out, searching and connecting with the like-minded, like-hearted creatives and will make sure that all efforts are heard equally!

You are welcome to ask being a part of us. You are also welcome to pitch your project / ideas so we can work with you!

If you prefer a serious tone, here is our manifesto.