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Several Soundlings members working on the world’s only fully mobile Wave Field Synthesis system, have composed and designed a one of kind runway music experience for the collection S/S14BY21 by INDIVIDUALS at the Official Amsterdam International Fashion Week in 2013.

Binaural/Stereo hybrid mixdown of the whole runway show can be heard here:

Binaural recording captured live during the event, mixed with stereo fold-down. Headphones Listening Only!
*Original piece designed/composed for & performed on The Game of Life System, during the iNDiViDUALS runway show, at the AIFW 2013.

Robin Koek | Tijs Ham | Roald van Dillewijn | Pinar Temiz Georgios Papadakis

Production partner:
MediaLAB Amsterdam

Photo credits: Wouter Snoei & Jonathan Reus