Pinar Temiz

Pinar Temiz

Department: , , , ,

Position: Founder, Sound Designer, Installation Artist, Musician

Qualification: B.A. in Music Technology, M.A. in Sound Design, M.Mus. in Music Design



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Pinar is the founding member of the Soundlings collective, and is a sound designer &  installation artist with a background in music. For her own work she is specializing in dynamic / adaptive sound design and she is passionate about creating interactive experiences that engages people in long term, subtle, deeper ways. She accommodates her concepts & craft  to various creative disciplines with this aim on mind. In the past years she has worked in several youth projects within the Patchingzone, has lead and organized various workshops, and been part of STEIM research group; focusing on live performance systems. Her work also includes  involvement in several projects for IFAN (Independent Film Artist Network), designing sound content / developing tools for several visual and new media artists. Currently she works as a sound designer at the Guerrilla Games and  on the side she is focusing on her own interactive art works in collaboration with fellow Soundlings.