Jonathan Reus

Jonathan Reus

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Position: Musician, Educator, Artist, Developer

Qualification: B.Sc. in Digital Arts and Sciences



Jonathan is a multi-faceted artist, educator, and community event organizer working with sound, electronics, and computing technologies. His background includes work and studies in mathematics, folk art, music composition, artificial intelligence and painting. In the past he has been a computer science teacher, Fulbright research fellow, banjo picker, and cyber-hobo. Since 2009  he has been working at STEIM -Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, managing artistic projects, providing creative and technical consultation, and designing educational programs both locally and abroad. He specializes in the design of real-time interactive systems for sound, music, and light – covering all aspects of development: from system design, to hardware, software, and aesthetic. He has given talks and workshops internationally dealing on topics of technologically-mediated art and music.